Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sneaky Shane

Shane jumping out and scaring Chuck.

Time for Celebration

Shane and I along with our friends planned a 40th birthday party on Tuesday night for our friend Chuck. We all met at Chucks while he was out to dinner with his wife and then decorated the house with black balloons and over the hill signs. We dressed in black and I also made dark circles around mine and Shane eyes to make it look like we were dead. We were all hiding in the dark and getting ready for the big "suprise". When Chuck walk in the little kids were yelling and screaming while the adults hid in the kitchen and on the stairs. As Chuck came into the dinningroom we all jumped out and yelled suprise. We all had a good time, enjoyed each others company hanging out and pigging out on pie and cheese cake. It's nice to have such wonderful friends. Happy Birthday CHUCK!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More New Years Eve

We rang in the new year at an 80's Rock Band party. We were so excited to dress up 80's and it was cool to reminess the days we really dressed 80's. I had fun making big hair and doing my makeup. Shane had the grungy puck rock look going and it was kind of sexy. On our way to the party we had to stop at the 711 for some candy for the party. I made Shane go in and was laughing the whole time thinking what 35 year old dresses with toe rings in his nose and ears, AC/DC on the back of his head and a bandana wraped around his leg. Shane said, the clerk didn't even look twice, So I guess he fit right in at the 711. The Party was kickin! We rocked the night away and then ended with a visit with some old freinds Cameron, Mike and Kelly. Happy New Years 2008!!

We had an early christmas before leaving for Portland.

Shane and I had the oppertunity to fly home this Christmas to Portland to be with my family. We had so much fun hanging out, laughing, eating moms home cooking and seeing how much the little kids have grown. We were able to visit my Grandma Holwege at the coast and stop in for a wonderful treat of Clam Chowder at Camp 18.

This is a picture of us on our honeymoon in Mexico.

Shane and I have been married now for 9 months. Seems like longer then that and it's crazy to think we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in 2 months. It's been a great adventure so far and loving every moment of our life. I'm excited for whats to come our way. An exciting wonderful job! A DOG! A HOUSE! A BABY or maybe BABIES!! What ever it is we are ready.