Monday, January 12, 2009

He got the job!!

An hour after we pulled into Logan from our hellish trip Shane received a phone call offering him the job. At that point we both wanted to say NO, but after a long weekend of stress, making a decison and trying to make this move work we have decided to move. Shane excepted the job today. Shane will be qutting his job on the 23rd and heading to Oregon on the 24th. I will be staying behind and continue to work for 3 more weeks, pack up the house, truck and drive to Oregon on the 13th of February. My last day at work is the 12th of February. I'm sad to leave my job and this wonderful town, but I am so happy for Shane and proud of his accomplishments. We will be living in Grants Pass, Oregon and Shane will be working for Southern Oregon Adolescent Study and Treatment Center as a Mental Health Counselor. Were so excited to be in Oregon and I'm excited to be a little closer to my family for a while. We will eventually move back to Logan, but for now will enjoy the beautiful green trees in Oregon.

1st adventure of 2009

For a while now Shane has been applying for different jobs andkeeping our fingers crossed for an interview. Now that he's graduated he has been working on getting his intern license and sense Oregon looked more promising with jobs we decided to consintrate on applying there. Well, the call finailly came and nervous about how and when we would get to Oregon for the interview we found ourselves leaving quickly last Friday night in the middle of a snow storm. I will admit I was a little crazy for packing the car and getting us on the road so we could be to Oregon by Saturday afteroon, spend time with my family part of Saturday and Sunday and then the interview on Monday, back on the road that night and to work on Tuesday. Well, our plans didn't go as smoothly as we thought it would. We arrived to Portland fine just a little bit of snow coming over the blues. We spent the night in Boise Friday night and arrived safely to my parents Saturday around 4pm. Monday the interview went great and I fell in live with the area. Beautiful drive and it felt great. Monday we headed back to Utah and decided to take a.... well, I guess what you would call a back road home. BAD IDEA!! specially during the winter. We cut up over into Klameth Falls and into Lakeview. (never heard of it and thats bad for being from Oregon) 7pm at night driving on a thick sheet of ice and in the middle of no where. I got scared and emagined us getting stuck for days and barried in the snow. So Shane and I decided to turn around and drive the hour and half back to klameth Falls. We spent the night and the next day headed for Portland to catch the I-84 back to Utah. We hit a couple more road blocks on our way back. Snow and ice in LaGrande, a reck going through the canyon into Lime. Dead stop for 10 min on the interstate and then backed up traffic for an hour and did I mention ICE!! We made it to Ontario and spant another night. The next day we were off and just as we hit the Idaho border the roads were clear all the way home. Well, a fast trip that was supposed to be 1 day off from work turned into 3 days off from work and I think I said it a thousand times I'm not going anywhere for a really long time specially to Oregon. WELL GUESS WHAT?

New Years Continued

New Years 2008

So, what do you think? Hot mama or what? For the last two years our friends have had a themed Rock Band Party. Last year was 80's this year was 90's grunge. Me of course totally spacing the grunge part of it all was thinking just 90's so I thought of my old hair style in high school and thought I'd try to re-in-vent the due. Do I look the same? Yeah, right not even close, well maybe the hair but the face no way. (Old and chubby) But we had a good time and were almost a sleep before mid night now thats a sign of old age.



Christmas in St. George

Shane and I spent the holidays with his family in St. George. We were able to see his sister and her daughters that came in from out of town. Christmas night a big storm came through town making the power go out. I was hoping for snow but the power going out seem to be alot more fun. We lit some candles and played a couple games in the dark. Once the power came back on we kept the lights out and played a couple rounds of murder. Christmas was really fun and even though it was hard being away from my family for the holidays the Bonellas always make everything nice and seem like christmas. I'm greatful to have such wonderful inlaws and thankful for all that they do. Love you Kathy and Harold:)