Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swollen all over

I woke up Thursday morning with a swollen face, wrist, feet and ankles (I'll blame the belly on that too). I was blowing up like a balloon from all the walking, heat and salty junk food I ate. Shane and I went to Les Mes that night and I had a hard time walking I didn't know what was going on until I looked down at my feet. I have never seen them so fat before.

Now Thats Entertainment

This is what happens when your tired, bored and trying to entertain.

Mr. Universe

Miss America and Mother Nature


Next Morning Shane decided to shave is beard. For those of you that have never seen Shane completly hairless on his head and face now it your oppertunity. Still hansome as ever!!


Yahoo, finially after 23 years I made it back to Disneyland. Me and Shane and his 2 nephews Benson & McKay left for Spanish Fork to stay the night last Friday with Nichol. Then on Saturday we left for St. George to meet up with his met up with his parents Kathy & Herold and his 2 neices Keylee & Megan. On Sundey we got up early and headed out to Californica. The drive across the dessert was so muggy and hot. On top of the air condictioning I had to keep a bottle of ice water under my shirt to keep me cool. We all made it Anihem around 6pm, went out to dinner at Red Robbin and prepared for our fun day at Disneyland. An early morning rise on Monday we took off for Disneyland. The park has changed so much sense I have been there. First thing the kids wanted to ride Splash mountin so we did that a couple times and my shoes got drentched so I walked in soacking wet shoes for a good part of the morning and into the afternoon. I think I was the one that got splashed the most. Shanes mom was in wheelchair so it made it nice for us and the kids to go and get right on the rides so we would'nt have to wait in the big long lines. After lunch Shane and I went over to California Adventure and went on a few rides there. I had never been so I wanted to check it out for a while. Later we met up with the rest of the crew and had dinner and rode on a few more rides. My favorite ride and the hit of the park was "Indiana Jones". The kids were cute and it was fun to see them excited. At one point we were all having so much fun and I think we were all on a Disneyland high, McKay, the littlest one in our group looked up at me and said, Amy I love so much I think I can marry you. I thought that was cute. We went to Knotts Berry Farm on Tuesday and then back to St. George on Wednesday. Our feet were sore, kids fighting, the heat and traffic, but it was all worth it going to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Things I love about my DAD...

1. His laugh. My dad has a great laugh and it's always fun to do funy things to make him chuckle.

2. Creative and artistic abilities. His craftsmen ship is like no other.

3. Great Navigatetor. My dad is a pro when it comes to fidning his way around Portland. There could be a major traffic jam down town and he always seems to know a back road home to beat the traffic.

4. His kindness and caring ways he is as a father now and growing up.

5. Wonderful hair brusher. When I was young I always loved it when he would brushed my hair. He would brush it for hours.

6. Respectful, patient and a good listener.

7. My dad and I love the same things, antique shops, garage sales, old artifacts, the great out doors, camping, hiking and the "Die Hard" movies.

8. Good husband. I love my parents relationship. The way he treats my mother with respect and is always there for her. He always wants to be with her even if it's a trip to the gerociery store. The qualities my dad has are the qualities I look for in a husband. ( I really found that too. Shane is so much like my dad.)

9. Hard worker. My dad is a hard worker. Digging holes for many years, getting dirty and laying water maines. He has worked so hard to support my mom and us 6 kids. He worked his way up the line and became the best supervisor and meter shop man that the city of Portland has ever known.

10. My dad is the best dad I ever had.
Love you dad, Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Logan Canyon

Shane and I went hiking today up Logan Canyon. We hiked a trail called Riverside. It's such a beautiful day out today, the sun is shineing, not to hot and a windy breeze of fresh air. We saw alot of snakes along the way and at one point ran into a rattler. It was funny how we were trying to be so sneaky running by this snake. I don't know anything about snakes specially rattlers. All I know is they have a rattler on there tails and can bite. It took us a few minutes to get the courage up and a head start to run past. When we were ready we quickly ran past it and the snake didn't move. We laugh now about how funny we probably looked. In one of the photo's you can see the wind cave across the river. Now were home, tired and Shane is sleeping.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Day at the Market

Anna and I had another successful day at the market. What a relaxing dat too. We sold most of our frames, jewelery, and note cards. We had alot of comments about our work and if one didn't purchase anything they took a business card and ask about orders for later. Anna and I would just laugh and say mmmm I think we sould start a business and make a website. So a website maybe coming soon. It was also nice to sit and watch people and enjoy the ourdoors. These pictures are form Saturday of Anna and I. Then a couple are views from our booths.