Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Always Remembered

On December 31st, my father, John Lynn Holwege at 62 years of age, passed away peacefully with my mother and brother by his side. The world has lost a wonderful man, my family has lost an amazing father and grandfather. He will be missed deeply. With our memories he will live on forever. Last week was a really hard week as my family laid him to rest, his graveside ceremony was very impressive, one I will never forget and he deserves every bit of it. On Saturday, January 8, over 500 people arrived at his memorial to show their support, friendship and love. My father was truly a great man. He has taught me more about life then anyone. Because of him I want to be a better person, I want to be non judgemental, a hard worker, a better wife, fulfill my duties in the church by providing service to those in need, I want to enjoy life and all the little things that we all seem to ignore. When I think about him passing away it's hard to believe and it doesn't seem real. I'll always remember him each and every day as I feel him close, watching over my family. Today a friend at work gave me a special keepsake ornament. On the back of the box it reads, memories remind us that we have loved and been loved... that our lives were touched by someone very special. The ornament is a white sea shell with a shinny pearl in it and on the ornament it says, "Every life leaves something beautiful behind". My fathers life was a wonderful life cut short and he did leave something beautiful behind, he left a legacy of a great family, who loves and supports one another. I will forever remember my dad, he is the best.