Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

The only shot that turned out of all of us and I am happy. 

 Merry Christmas 2013

Jack and the Christmas Tree

 I was home sick a couple weeks ago and this was Jack all day.  He kept looking out the window waiting for Shane.  I thought it was so cute.  He loves Shane so much.  I know I talk about Jack all the time, but when he is the only kid we have to spoil then I will talk about him a lot.  We are lucky to have him.  He makes me smile and made me feel better.

 Our tree, not my favorite and it's kind of crooked.  I was even trying to decide if we really needed one this year which is not my normal thinking, but after a couple days of back and forth we finally bought one.  It's smaller, which is fine.  After I got it all decorated I really think it's perfect for that spot and I am happy with our crooked little tree.

A Few Pictures From Thanksgiving

We were in Portland this year for Thanksgiving.  I didn't take that many pictures, 
but here are a few of my favorites.

Shane making his 7 layer dip.  Yummy

 Me and Jack relaxing after dinner.

Tyler and Jonah, the babies in the family.  They are growing so fast not really babies anymore.

 My sister Rebecca also snapped a few photo's of us for our Christmas card.

 This is the majority of what we got, me looking at Jack and Jack looking away.

The light was to bright for Jack, he looks a little tipsy here.

My favorite

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Jack Happenings

 SPOILED-He scored a jumbo size stuffed bone.

 Glasses-Just like Papa

Just after a nap.

 On the Beach-What a life!

Waiting for his lunch-papa's lunch that is.

Celebrating You...Dad

Today is my dads birthday and we celebrated it with some yummy clam chowder and ale bread from the Laughing Clam.  We miss my dad everyday-I know he is close, watching over his family.  Love you dad, and so grateful for your loving example to your family.  You are the best!!  Happy Birthday.

Visit from the Mueller's

 On our walk to the All Spots Park

 On the walking bridge over the Rogue River

Lunch at the Tap Rock

My sister Rebecca and her family visited our home early August.  We were really excited to have them come stay and I think Jack was happy to have the little ones to keep him busy.  It was a short trip, but we were able to fit a few activities in while they were here.  We hope they enjoyed their stay and come back soon!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Walk in the Park

This was last Sunday evening a stroll through the park with my family.  I love these boys!!  Shane is the most wonderful, loving and caring husband and Jack is the best little boy.  Shane and I got spoiled when we found him, he is the most well behaved dog.  Thankful everyday for my blessings.  

Relay for Life 2013

Shane and I had another opportunity to relay again this year for Relay for Life.  My work had a team, Team Kairos and we joined in on the fun to help support the fight against cancer.  It was also a time to remember our loved ones who battled cancer.  I never realized the impact that cancer has until it hit close to home and took my dads life.  I now walk every year for him and others who have passed on from this deadly disease.

 Everyone had a glow stick in memory of a loved one.

Road Trip to Utah

We were in Utah for about a week at the beginning of July.  It was a 17 hour drive there and 17 hours back.  A very long, hot, boring drive through Nevada, but we made it there and back safely.  I'm glad we were able to make the trip.  We stayed with my sister Nichol in Spanish Fork and then made our way down to St. George to spend a few days with Shane's parents.  We also were able to see Shane's sisters and my friends in Salt Lake and then on our way to St. George stopped and saw my Aunt and Uncle and cousins in Sigard.  We mostly just hung out, relaxed, took a day trip to the Grand Canyon and enjoyed some much needed time off work.  

 My sisters dog's loved Shane.

 My sister Nichol and her kids.

 My long time friends Jilenne and Tyson.  

 Taken in front of my sisters house.

 The Grand Canyon, it was so beautiful and my first time seeing it in person.

 Jack enjoying the wind on his face in the car ride back to Shane's parents house.

4th of July.  It was 7 year ago we celebrated the 4th together for the first time and stood in this very spot for a picture.  Time goes by so quickly.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Harold & Kathy

Shane's parents were in town last week for a visit.  We met up with them in Portland for Shanes sister's graduation.  Then Shanes parents drove back to Grants Pass with us and spent the week.  We were so delighted to have them here.  Shane's dad Harold helped us with a few home improvement projects, and his mom Kathy and I went shopping and also did a little bit of crafting.  They kept Jack entertained for us during the day while we were at work and Harold was our dish washing man.  On Friday we took a day and drove to the Redwoods and the California coast.  It was so nice having them here and I was sad to see them leave.  Will see them again in about a month when we take a trip to Utah.  Harold, our sink is full of dishes can you load the dishwasher for us?  Love you guys. 

 Lisa's graduation, Kathy, Lisa and Kaylee

In the Redwoods

Backyard Make Over

We are in the middle of a backyard make over.  For the last month and a half we have been, moving rock, dirt, weeds, trees, rock, wood, rock, garbage oh, did I mention rock?  And building a fence.  Crazy people before us landscaped every little flower bed with gravel and river rock and since we are close to the river any time we dig a hole guess what we dig up, you guessed it, rock!  Slowly, but surely we are getting it done.  The fence is completed, thanks to Shanes dad and a friend of mine from work (Thanks Jason for showing us how to plumb, you saved us).  Feels good to have some privacy again.  Funny how many neighbors you meet when the fence is down.  Shane and I both swear will never build another fence, but now that were done I kind of miss it.  Hard work but totally worth it.  Here are a few pictures of our early spring adventure of the backyard make over. 

 Raised bed garden area.

Building our raised beds.  Sad but I don't think I will get my garden in this year.

 The fence is down.  You can't see it but our house is to the right.

 Were getting somewhere!

 Yep, thats an old post block we dug up and Shane has a silly smile.

Poor little guy was so good.

 The rails are up.

 Thats me.  Yes, in my Red Winterfest t-shirt again.

 Look what we did! And what a mess.

Another goofy smile from Shane.