Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yahoo!! A weeks vacation!

Shane and I took some long over due time off work and traveled to Portland to see my family and then down to Lincoln City with his family. His parents and his Sister Heather and her family traveled from Utah and his sister Lisa and her two girls traveled from Washington. We were excited to see everyone. Family night at the ball park, visit with my best friend Paige, shopping, sand castle building, visiting my favorite candy shop which was closed, but we did find another one, few, had to get my yummy seafoam, and then a beautiful drive to and home from Lincoln City. I was also excited to show Shane and his family one of my favorite beach towns. We had such a good time and as always sad to pack up and come home. It's never fun to return back to work and get back into the swing of things, but we all traveled safely home and yes we are slowly but surely getting back to the same old routine.
I don't think Jack is to happy here, what do you think?


Liam Arthur

This is my new nephew, Liam Arthur Mueller. aka Lamb Arfer (this is what Abbie calls him). I saw him for the first time last week. He is so tiny and sweet I can hold him forever.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trees of Mystery

First of all I have to tell you about my sweet velcro shoes. Just as Shane and I were setting up camp I realized I forgot my shoes and only had flip flops for the hike the next day. In a panic at 7PM I jumped in the car and drove to Cresent City to get some shoes. And of course this is what I ended up with. Can't be picky when I am in the middle of the Redwoods. I was just happy to have shoes. Anyways The Bonella's took a weekend get away over Memorial weekend to Millcreek campground in the Redwood National Forest. Can I just say I love Trees!! They are so awesome and huge!! We spent the day at the Trees of Mystery and then a short drive through the "Drive Through Tree" (Rip off $5.00) But it was cool anyways to say we drove through a tree. It's been a long awaited trip to get back to the Redwoods. This was a Holwege favorite growing up and since Shane has never been it was nice to relax, hike, and visit with Paul and Babe. The hike was fun and interesting and then a scary tram ride up the mountain above the trees. If you are ever close don't miss out on the Trees of Mystery that was totally worth it.


A Day at the Oregon Coast

Shane and I took Jack to the Oregon Coast one weekend. It was a beautiful day. We stopped and had a picnic and then drove closer down to the beach to relax and Jack played in the sand. Jack enjoyed his day, he ran, jumped, played and then got caught up in a sneaker wave. Me, Shane & Jack were out in the water just walking around. The water was ankel deep then all of a sudden it was waist deep. I at first was worried about my new pants then looked over at Jack and the poor little guy was struggling to swim back to shore and stay above water. I think he was in shock for a moment, but after he dried of he was back to playing and enjoying the beach again. What a nice day at the Oregon Coast.
Darn Sneaker Wave!!