Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Christmas Tree

This is Shane and I 2008 Christmas Tree. Looks kind of the same as last year just a little more added. I love sitting around the tree in the dark with the light on the tree day dreaming about christmas past. I miss being a kid it was always so magical.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I completed my 2 month CERT class. Yahoo!. For the last two months I have been taking a class sponsored by the Cache County Sheriff's Office called, Cert (Community Emergency Response Team). I completed my final on thursday the 30th and I was so scared. We had a mock desaster with live victims. I was on the medical team and had to take care of the victims as they were brought out by the other team members. It was crazy, but I think I did a great job. At one point someone said I should have been team medical leader and that made me feel good knowing I did something right. I received my certificate and now if there is a desaster I'm ready. Well, almost ready.

Halloween 2008

What a fun holiday and your never to old to dress up. Shane and I dressed up for work and Shane won 2nd place. I was a witch and Shane was Uncle Fester. I shot some photos of some of my co-workers and also a group photo. After work Shane and I went over to Chuck and Cami's house to hang out. Chuck usually plays a movie on his garage door for the tick or treaters. It was fun to sit around and see all the kids dressed up. It was a long day and even a longer night washing my hair. I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

Becky Jerry & little Abby

My friends were in town last weekend for a visit and decided to stay the night. It was so good to see them, to catch up and talk about old times. There little Abby is so cute and so much fun. I'm glad we were able to spend time with them. I miss you guys!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meant To Be

So when I met Shane I knew on our first date that he and I were ment to be and sense then I still know we were always ment to be. Today Shane was home sick, poor guy been working all week sick so finially he took a day off to rest. Well, I think he was feeling a little better when he called me today at work to tell me how his day went. I asked what he had been up to and he told me he was working on some stuff for his game. Now for those of you that know Shane know one of his hobbies is playing roll playing games. These games are not your average board game, they go way beyond any board game like Clue or Shoots and Ladders. These game are high tech with a story line, bad guys, good guys and weapons. Shane also has a talent I'd say maybe a hidden talent. Most peopele would think hey thats cool. On our second date I saw his hidden talent and thought, awesome he's into arts and crafts! Shane is amazing at painting what he calls "Figs"(little men for the games). When I came home today his little mess was all over the coffee table and it made me smile and I thought to myself he is just like me, who else would think of something as creative as this. Currently he is working on a game and creating bad guys that have michines for arms. So he pulled out some old game stuff from closet and cut of the arms of one set and is now in the process of creating the ultimate bad guys. Shane is so creative and we are so alike. I love my husband and moments like these that make me smile.

You should see these things close up the detail is so amazing.

Monday, September 29, 2008

House Update

We decided not to buy the house even though I was in love with it. We got to thinking about if know we might have to move why are we buying a house. We didn't want to be stuck in a house trying to sell it. Were going to wait and see where we will end up and find another home we like. My advice to you when buying a house don't fall in love with the house until you move in my heart was broken, but I'm ok now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sleeping Great!!

Shane and I went yesterday and bought ourselves a wedding gift. When we got married we were a little short our first month and had to use our wedding cash on bills. Now after a year and a half we fianlly went and purchase a gift. We bought a KING mattress set and new bedding. With two big people a queen does not have much room. We are so excited to get our new bed this week. Our bed is now big enough for us and our seven children and we now have an extra bed for company. Update: do not buy bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond. Their quilt sizes are all messed up. We had to take ours back because it didn't fit the bed. Which was ok because I wasn't thrilled about this bedding anyways. We put our old quilt on the bed and it looks great. The bed is wonderful. Shane is still adjusting, he says he feels like he is sleeping in a hole I think it's the memory foam he has to get used to.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Halloween Decorations

I'm in the mood for projects this is the latest.

House Hunting

I'm going on a house hunt and looking for a blueish green house with white trim. WOW, look I found one! This is the house Shane and I are currently looking at. It's so cute. 2 br, 1 bath a great starter home. It has a nice big back yard with a river running through. The original hardware on the door's and stained glass windows. This is so our style.

Abbie Mueller

Home for the Holiday

Shane and I drove the long 12 hours home to Portland a couple of weeks ago for Labor Day to see my new nephew Cade and hang with the family. Ryan and Jessie were out of town so it was a bummer not to see them. Most of the family was together and Nichol flew in for a few days a well.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cade Michael Holwege

I have a new nephew!! Aaron and Angie welcomed baby Cade into the waorld on August 16th. I'm so excited!! Shane and I will be making a trip to Oregon next week to see the little guy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time to redecorate!!

It's hard renting and not being able to paint. I was getting bored of looking at our boring white, ugly, dirty walls in our bathroom so I ask my land lord if we could paint and he said YES!! I was so excited!! I painted the molding white and the walls a nice antique lace. Magic!! What a difference a couple coats of paint makes. I love it so much I had to share. Our bathroom has a fishing theme. I found this cute shower curtin and pine cone shower curtin hooks on sale. What do you think?

4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July

Shane and I went to St. Charles, ID ( Bear Lake) where his sister Heather lives to celebrate the forth of July with his family. His sister Lisa came for Yakima, WA and his parents came form St. George. We were there 3 nights, made home made ice cream, camp out in the back yard and rode 4 wheelers and ski do's all weekend. It was alot of fun and it was nice to be with family for the holiday.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swollen all over

I woke up Thursday morning with a swollen face, wrist, feet and ankles (I'll blame the belly on that too). I was blowing up like a balloon from all the walking, heat and salty junk food I ate. Shane and I went to Les Mes that night and I had a hard time walking I didn't know what was going on until I looked down at my feet. I have never seen them so fat before.

Now Thats Entertainment

This is what happens when your tired, bored and trying to entertain.

Mr. Universe

Miss America and Mother Nature


Next Morning Shane decided to shave is beard. For those of you that have never seen Shane completly hairless on his head and face now it your oppertunity. Still hansome as ever!!


Yahoo, finially after 23 years I made it back to Disneyland. Me and Shane and his 2 nephews Benson & McKay left for Spanish Fork to stay the night last Friday with Nichol. Then on Saturday we left for St. George to meet up with his met up with his parents Kathy & Herold and his 2 neices Keylee & Megan. On Sundey we got up early and headed out to Californica. The drive across the dessert was so muggy and hot. On top of the air condictioning I had to keep a bottle of ice water under my shirt to keep me cool. We all made it Anihem around 6pm, went out to dinner at Red Robbin and prepared for our fun day at Disneyland. An early morning rise on Monday we took off for Disneyland. The park has changed so much sense I have been there. First thing the kids wanted to ride Splash mountin so we did that a couple times and my shoes got drentched so I walked in soacking wet shoes for a good part of the morning and into the afternoon. I think I was the one that got splashed the most. Shanes mom was in wheelchair so it made it nice for us and the kids to go and get right on the rides so we would'nt have to wait in the big long lines. After lunch Shane and I went over to California Adventure and went on a few rides there. I had never been so I wanted to check it out for a while. Later we met up with the rest of the crew and had dinner and rode on a few more rides. My favorite ride and the hit of the park was "Indiana Jones". The kids were cute and it was fun to see them excited. At one point we were all having so much fun and I think we were all on a Disneyland high, McKay, the littlest one in our group looked up at me and said, Amy I love so much I think I can marry you. I thought that was cute. We went to Knotts Berry Farm on Tuesday and then back to St. George on Wednesday. Our feet were sore, kids fighting, the heat and traffic, but it was all worth it going to the Happiest Place on Earth.