Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Dancing Jack

My Babe Turns 41

Shane celebrated his big day by taking a day off from work, relaxed and headed to Medford to the game shop.  Then on Saturday we celebrated some more by working in the yard and then ended the night with dinner and a movie.  It was a nice quiet day with the birthday boy and I enjoyed every moment with him.  He may be over the hill, but hasn't changed a bit.  Love you birthday boy!!

More Yard Work

Shane and I spent the day last Saturday working in the yard again.  The majority of the day was spent fixing broken spriklers and moving sprinkler heads that were poorly designed.  I think we have it all figured out now, but it was sure a pain.  After we fixed one then we discovered one after the next that was dammaged, more holes to dig.  I had fun working together with shane to get the project done and after digging many holes I think we both have a little more muscle on our arms.  That's a tuff job!  Anyways we are excited to have that task out of the way and now we can consintrate on our lovely garden area.  Tonight we built two raised beds.  I love this time of year.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

Don't you love it when your birthday falls on the weekand?  That's exactly what happened this year and I am enjoying every moment!! Today is my birthday and I am old, well let's say older.  Booooo hoooo :(   I must say I feel the same as I did yesterday, although I did discover my first gray hair a couple weeks ago.  It's been a good weekend.   My birthday started on Friday when Shane and I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here in Grants Pass, called "The Train Depot", and I had a nice, big fat slice of cheese cake.  Then my weekend got better as I did a few of my favorite things,

-Enjoyed the Sunshine
-Strolled through the home section at Fred Meyer
-Picked up a couple items for the yard at Home Depot
-Worked in the yard with my hubby
-Ate Papa John's pizza, "Spinish Alfraso"
-Sipped on my favorite drink, "Mug Rootbeer"
-Slepted in
-Watch my favorite DIY show, "Rehab Addict"
-Visted my favorite historic town, "Jacksonville"
-and now relaxing, doing nothing and about to watch my favorite Sunday night TV show, "The Walking Dead"

That about sums it all up and I can say I have had the best 38th birthday ever! 

Love & Marriage

On March 3rd Shane and I celebrated 6 years of marriage.  I can't believe it's been 6 years already.  Time flies when you having fun and fun is exactly what the last 6 years have been.  I am so lucky to have met Shane and even luckier that he wanted to marry me.  We have had be best years together and I look forward to many more.  Thank you Shane for the memories.  I love you.