Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Jack Happenings

 SPOILED-He scored a jumbo size stuffed bone.

 Glasses-Just like Papa

Just after a nap.

 On the Beach-What a life!

Waiting for his lunch-papa's lunch that is.

Celebrating You...Dad

Today is my dads birthday and we celebrated it with some yummy clam chowder and ale bread from the Laughing Clam.  We miss my dad everyday-I know he is close, watching over his family.  Love you dad, and so grateful for your loving example to your family.  You are the best!!  Happy Birthday.

Visit from the Mueller's

 On our walk to the All Spots Park

 On the walking bridge over the Rogue River

Lunch at the Tap Rock

My sister Rebecca and her family visited our home early August.  We were really excited to have them come stay and I think Jack was happy to have the little ones to keep him busy.  It was a short trip, but we were able to fit a few activities in while they were here.  We hope they enjoyed their stay and come back soon!!