Monday, May 25, 2009

A Home for a FRIEND

=We have a friend that comes and goes, we have a friend that flies highs and lows. We have a friend who is in need of a home, we have a friend and that can not be alone. For our friend has a delivery to make and we must help there is a nest to make. Our little friend is hard at work, coming and going all day long. If you listen carefully you can hear a beautiful song. A pretty sight to see our friend working so hard because she is a mother to be and we must help and do our part to give our friend a home. For next year this little life that comes our way will be a mother or father and will be just as busy for a son or daughter.=

My Parents

My parents were in town for the holiday weekend. Shane and I had such a blast having them here. My parents arrived Friday night, we went out to dinner and enjoyed the local Mexican joint down the road. Saturday we went and checked out the flea market and the trading post down town and the later walked along the rogue river, watch the last of the praide and then had a nice lunch at the "Top Rock" a new restaurant down town. Sunday we took a drive to the Oregon caves and caught a sneak peak of the caves entrance, walked around in the gift shop and snapped a few pictures. While we were up there I could smell a yummy camp fire and it made me crave a rosted hot dog so we left the caves, drove home and had a BBQ for dinner. Thanks mom and dad we had fun sitting around telling stories and laughing. Come back soon!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our first Lawn Mower

Hurray!! Shane and I purchased our very first lawn mower yesterday. We are so excited!! Our new grass that we laid several weeks ago was getting so long and it was bugging me that we had getto grass. This lawn mower is perfect for the size of yard we have. Sears was having a sale and so we thought we would take advantage of that and also I would like to mention we are also the proud owners of a washer and dryer. No more laundry mats. Blah!! I hate going to the laundry mat and also the amount of money we were spending each week to wash clothes was crazy. This will help us save money and our clothes from getting damaged. Also I would like to give a shout out to our amazing salesman. He was so cool and not pushy at all. Thanks Nick.