Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Worst Hair cut experience

So it's been a while sense I've had my hair cut professionaly. It was like a week or two after I got married I was tired of my long hair so I cute it off and made the forst mistake by going to the Dollar Cuts. Then I had this dumb idea that I could cut and color it myself and save money. Well now two years later it was time to have it professionaly cut. so I found this cute salon not to far from here and had my hair highlighted and cut. The color turned out ok, but the cut was horrible. The hair styleist took a razer and went around my head and called it good. I know she was in a hurry because her next client was coming in, but I would have been happy to come back later. Because I was wanting to be the nice customer I didn't say a word. SO I came home and tried to style it and it was aweful. I started to cry and yell and was so mad. I got in the car and drove around until I found another salon. This stylist was nice and she could totaly see how bad it was. She only charge me half price, but I still wasn't happy. As least she cut it with sissors and made my hair healthly again, but I have learned my lesson for trusting someone new. the next time I get my hair done I'm going to someone I trust.

Spring Is Here

We have a cherry tree in our front yard and it was starting to bloom the other day so I cut a few branches and brought them into the house and put them in a vase. After a day or two it bloomed like crazy. It was so beautiful.

Johns Works

My dad is a such a studly handlyman. He works great with his hands, has creative mind and anything he builds is awesome. My dad made this adirondack chair for mine and Shanes birthdays. Were so excited to have our first patio furniture and it looks great on the patio. We stained it a cherryish color followed by a finished urithain clear matte finish. Thanks dad we love our chair.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 23rd

Yesterday was Shanes Birthday. I just wanted to wish him a very special happy birthday. I love you.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day trip to the California and Oregon Coast

What a beautiful rainy day at the coast. Shane and I took a day trip to the coast today. We went into Cresent City, California, Brookings and Gold Beach, Oregon. We also hit a small patch of the Redwoods so pretty I have missed the trees so much. Now I'm aching to get to the Redwood Forest. It was a long day of being in the car, nasty subway sandwiches and curve headachs, but it was a good day being at the coast with my hunny. We ended a good day with a trip to the grocery store yippy!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today is my Birthday!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me into the world and for raising me right. I'm 34 today haaa :(, but thats ok I have a wonderful life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Today Shane and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. Two years have gone by so fast, but what an amazing adventure it has been so far. It's so wonderful to have found my one true love and I'm so happy. I love you Shane Harold Bonella.