Thursday, May 29, 2008

New On The Market

This weekend will be another fun day at the Market. I'm very excited and hope to sell everything. It would be nice to sell what I have made so far so I can move onto the next project. Heres a sneak peak of the latest item being sold. The red on I kept for myself.

Power Tools

Shane and I purchased our first power tool this last weekend. We bought a drill!! I was tired of using a screw to make my holes and my hands were getting tired as well. Wow, what a difference a drill makes. I love it and find excuses to use it everynight. We also purchased this handy little accessories kit. Next on the list of power tools is a circular saw. Yeah, baby!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Graduate

He did it! Your looking at the new graduate of Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Early May Shane received his master in Mental Health Counseling. We traveled to Salt Lake and met up with his parents and attened graduation at the E Center. It was a long day but also a good day. Shane has 6 more months of internships and he is officially done. I'm so excited and proud of him. He is ready to be done and move onto the next adventure in his life. He is currently applying for jobs here in Utah and maybe Oregon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gardners Market

My cousin Anna and I have a booth at the Gardeners Market this year. We are selling crafty item like frames, earings, braclets, note cards and more. May 17th was our first day at the market. Business started out slow but by the afternoon we were selling frames like hotcakes. We had fun and are gearing up for more in 2 weeks. Come check us out May 31st.