Sunday, February 16, 2014

January 29th-A special day for the Bonella's

I talk a lot about Jack and I know it may get old for you, but for me it makes me happy because, Jack makes me happy.  January 29th, the day Jack came to live with us is a special day for Shane and I, it was the day I fell in love at first sight.  I tell Jack all the time about the day he came in to our lives, even if he doesn't understand what I am saying I know in his heart he loves us and is just as grateful for the day he fell in love with his mama & papa.  It was a Saturday, pouring down rain and I was driving through the Walmart parking lot when this fluffy white thing catches my eye.  I quickly turn in toward these two women standing, huddling under the back of a truck canopy holding these two cute puppies.  I got out of my car and took Jack from the women's arms and that fast I knew he was mine.  With out even taking the time to think I left, went to an ATM and got some money, went back and paid the lady.  She gave me one pee pad, a hand full of food and Jack.  During all of this Shane was working and had no clue what I was doing until he got home to meet his new son.  Papa fell in love instantly as well.  Here we are 4 years later and Jack is still the love of our lives.  It was so meant to be, Jack is perfect for us and he has healed me in so many ways.  Not being able to bare children of my own he has been able to feel that void and give me something to spoil, take care of and love.  Not a day goes by that I don't thank Heavenly Father for bringing Jack into our lives.  Jack is so cuddly at night and in the morning he is always the right there sniffing in your face to see if you are awake or the first thing you see when you get home from work in the evening.  I call him my Dino.  Jack can be a stinker and well, that's how he got his nick name Sticker.  He loves to play ball and can play non-stop until you say, Take a Break.  I realized one day after saying that multiple times that he finally got what take a break means and when you say it he actually takes a break, sits down with his ball and will wait until you are ready to play again.  At night when we are getting ready for bed he brings many toys with him.  Anything from his ball to his stuff less toys and in the morning it's crazy how many toys end up in the bed and not even realizing until you roll over.  I have my quiet moments with Jack as he sits on my lap and lays back in my arms like a baby.  He looks up at me while I tell him about the love he has in his heart as I draw a heart shape on his chest.  Or the times I tell him about grandpa and how we will go to heaven someday and will see him.  My heart aches as I know I will out live him and I tell him when mama gets to heaven that we will find each other again.  I look into his eyes and for a split moment I don't see a dog I see one of Heavenly Fathers creations, a spirit that was sent to me and I and so grateful.  Happy Anniversary Day Jack.  

My Valentine

Everyday I love my valentine just as much as the day I feel in love, but I am always happy to celebrate a day for LOVE.  This year Shane surprised me with a clean house, dinner, dessert, a dozen roses and it gets better... dinner out the next day at the Dinner House in my favorite town, Jacksonville.  What a great husband, he did good and I am so thankful for him and for taking care of me.  I am blessed to have such a great man by my side.  I hope all of you celebrated with the ones you love.  Happy Valentine's Day