Thursday, May 29, 2008

New On The Market

This weekend will be another fun day at the Market. I'm very excited and hope to sell everything. It would be nice to sell what I have made so far so I can move onto the next project. Heres a sneak peak of the latest item being sold. The red on I kept for myself.


Tanya Dow said...

Look how creative you are!! Those are soooo cute. Glad things are going well for you at the market. And I'm glad you are posting lots.

justtherowberrys said...

Hi Amy! I love those boards with the frames hanging from them! The Cherish one is so cute! Ill have to come see you at the Market. Cant wait for your website.

NicKim Family said...

You have always been so super creative! I'm not too surprised that you are creating these beautiful frames! I'd love it if you set up a website, I think it would be great!