Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time to redecorate!!

It's hard renting and not being able to paint. I was getting bored of looking at our boring white, ugly, dirty walls in our bathroom so I ask my land lord if we could paint and he said YES!! I was so excited!! I painted the molding white and the walls a nice antique lace. Magic!! What a difference a couple coats of paint makes. I love it so much I had to share. Our bathroom has a fishing theme. I found this cute shower curtin and pine cone shower curtin hooks on sale. What do you think?


Chris, Danielle, and Hannah said...

Way cute! That's awesome that your landlord let you paint. I hate not being able to decorate like I want because of renting...but one day!
I'll have to get tips from you though, you always come up with the cutiest ideas!

Holwege Family said...

Very cute! If you ever feel like decorating again, I have some that you could do.

The Carey's said...

The old fishing pictures are great, and I love the shower curtain! If only I could get my bathroom to look so nice.