Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sleeping Great!!

Shane and I went yesterday and bought ourselves a wedding gift. When we got married we were a little short our first month and had to use our wedding cash on bills. Now after a year and a half we fianlly went and purchase a gift. We bought a KING mattress set and new bedding. With two big people a queen does not have much room. We are so excited to get our new bed this week. Our bed is now big enough for us and our seven children and we now have an extra bed for company. Update: do not buy bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond. Their quilt sizes are all messed up. We had to take ours back because it didn't fit the bed. Which was ok because I wasn't thrilled about this bedding anyways. We put our old quilt on the bed and it looks great. The bed is wonderful. Shane is still adjusting, he says he feels like he is sleeping in a hole I think it's the memory foam he has to get used to.

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The Carey's said...

I am so jelouse! We DID get a new bed when we got married, now I want a new one and will have to wait. How is the house hunting going?