Friday, February 20, 2009

Our New Home

Well, Shane and I are finally settled in our new home after a long 3 weeks apart. My dad and my sister Nichol drove into Logan last Thursday night to help with the moving and my awesome dad flew in to help me drive the truck back. Friday my cousins Anna and Chad and our good friends Chuck and Cami join in on all the fun times in helping me move our stuff. After a long morning of packing the truck my dad and I drove out of Logan about 2:00 in the afternoon. With a long drive a head of us I tried not to think about it and just tried to relax and enjoy the drive and reminess of my life in Utah. As we were about an hour from Boise the truck started to make a funny noise so my dad pulled over and I called road side assistance. After an hour wait for the tow truck to arrive I began to cry thinking I did not want to pack another truck if there was somethign wrong with this one. Good news from the tow truck man that the truck was fine so my dad an I continued on with our drive. A big snow storm started to hit just as we approached Ontario. The roads were packed with snow, pitch black and it wasn't easy for my dad driving a 24 foot uhal and towing my car behind. I got worried and so did my dad. We kept going driving really slow and I think I said about 50 prayers on our way to Baker City. I just kept thinking we can make it to Baker and then stay there for the night. I was stressed and I know my dad was also. It was hard and scary being on the road late at night driving through a snow storm and did I mention crapy windsheld wipers. But my dad had good sprits and got us to Baker safely. Both my dad and I need a rest becasue the next day I think we both felt so much better and the roads were clear the rest of the way from Baker City. We arrived to Grants Pass Saturday evening around 7:15pm and I was so glad to be there. Shane and my mom were waiting on the corner to guide us in. First thing Shane jumped up on the truck and gave me a big kiss. Boy did I need that. My sister Rebecca and her husband Jared were there to help. We got the truck unloaded and our things unpacked. Shane and I like our new apartment and it's nice to have more room. We have 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our kitchen is bigger and we have a garage. Yahoo! We also have a back patio. It's weird being back in Oregon, but it also feels good. I just want to take a moment and thank those that made this move possible. Shout out first to my husband for all of his hard work and for giving this new job a shot. I love you so much and I'm so happy to be back with you I hated being apart for 3 weeks BLAH!!. Thankyou to my sister for driving in from Spanish Fork and for picking our dad up fromt he airport and bringing him to Logan. Thank you for my cousin Anna and her husnad Chad for all of there help and friendship Shane and I will miss you. A thank you to our good friends Chuck and Cami, we appreciate all ofyour hard work and thanks for putting up with my brattiness and stressful attitude. We appreciate you and your friendships. Thank you to Shanes parents Harold and Kathy for all of your support, love, and for lettign me take your son to Oregon. We love you both very much. Thank you to my monther for driving the 4 and half hours to Grants Pass to help and for making dinner. We appreciate everythign you and Dad do for us. Thank you Becca and Jared for all of your help. It's nice knowing I have such a wonderful family that is always willing to help and your kids are cute. Saving the best for last a big THANK YOU to my father for organizing and packing the truck. Thank you for the time you spent getting everythign just right. Thank you for driving the truck thorugh a snow storm and for being ther for me when I was stressed, crying and need that extra encouragement that everything is going to be ok. Your time means so much to me and I really appreciate you being there and helping with the move. What an adventure it was, but a good adventure because it was a good memory with you that I will remember forever. Thank you everyone!!


The Carey's said...

Your apartment looks great-you got things unpacked fast from the looks of things. I always hate living out of boxes. Good luck to Shane with his new job-i hope it works out great for both of you.

Tanya Dow said...

That sounds like a terrible drive! Glad you arrived safely, aren't dad's the best! And mom's too, for making dinner because it's so much better than fast food :)