Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So Greatful

So it's been hard living in a new place and the hardest part is finding a job. I really thought before we moved here that I would find something the first week I was here. Moving during these hard times probably wasn't the smartest idea. I had a really good job I left behind in Loagn, Utah. I was the Senior Team Lead over the data entry dept at Conservice and suprvised about 20 employees. I really learned alot from my supervisor and the owner of the company and other great people I had the opportunity to know. I created a team and help the dept grow from 5 emplyees to 35. I feel lucky to have been apart of that. I had many wonderful experiences working for conservice and I was sad to go. Right now after 3 months of not having a job and the stress I have felt these last several weeks has made me really think about what I had with my employment there and makes me realize how much I miss it and the friends I made, but as I think about all of this I keep going back to my initial feeling when Shane was first offered this job and the feeling just feels right. I knew then and I still know that Shane and I are supposed to be here. I don't really know if we will ever find out why we are supposed to be here, but it feels right. I think about his job and the great opportunity it is for him to start his profession, our new ward seems really fun and we have gotton to know people and have made a few friends. In our last ward in Logan we had a hard time meeting people and getting involved. Shane just received a new calling as a the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum which is awesome going from working in the nursery to the Elders Quorum. As stressful as these last few weeks have been the one thing that gets me through is knwoing we are here for a reason. I have faith and I know everything will work out for us here. One last think I would like to mention is my new job at Bath and Body Works. It's just a part itme job but it's a start for now and I am so greatful.

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adayinthelifeoflindsay said...

Well we miss you down here Amy! Hasn't been the same with out you! I'm glad things are going to well for you though!