Monday, May 25, 2009

My Parents

My parents were in town for the holiday weekend. Shane and I had such a blast having them here. My parents arrived Friday night, we went out to dinner and enjoyed the local Mexican joint down the road. Saturday we went and checked out the flea market and the trading post down town and the later walked along the rogue river, watch the last of the praide and then had a nice lunch at the "Top Rock" a new restaurant down town. Sunday we took a drive to the Oregon caves and caught a sneak peak of the caves entrance, walked around in the gift shop and snapped a few pictures. While we were up there I could smell a yummy camp fire and it made me crave a rosted hot dog so we left the caves, drove home and had a BBQ for dinner. Thanks mom and dad we had fun sitting around telling stories and laughing. Come back soon!!

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