Saturday, April 28, 2012

Relay For Life

Today some co-workers and I managed our Relay For Life booth.  Some of the staff at work donated items to sell at our booth to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.  We have arrange a team called, "Change Angents" and will be relaying on June 23rd and 24th.  This is my first time being on a relay for life team, I wanted to dedicate some time to help try to raise money to support this cause and help those that are currently fighting, who have passed on and those that have won there battle with cancer.  My father was a cancer fighter, he passed away December 2010 and will forever be in our memories.  I love him so much and miss him everyday.  He was a man with a creative mind, he was a hard working man, always coming up with something new.  He loved working in the yard and creating a relaxing beautiful garden.  I dedicate the flowers in the flower pots that I painted to my father and they represent his garden that he and my mom created in their back yard. Other items I made with material I have dedicated to friends and family who have fought there own battles with cancer. I made a few things like, zipper pouches, aprons and pot holders.  If you would like to make a donation to Relay For Life go to my facebook page!/amy.bonella


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