Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Project

 I decided that I needed a break from work and took the afternoon off on Friday, I left work around 1pm and head off to Home Depot in search of a project for the weekend.  I walked the aisle's, check out my favorites and spent well over an hour in the store thinking of a project, but I wasn't wanting to spend any money, then it dawned on me...the weekend before we remove the small section of fence by our patio and the planks from the fence were still in really good condition so I thought, what if I used the planks and covered our ugly coffee table.  Ta Da!!  And the project was born.  Right away when I arrived home I took the coffee table out to our back patio and started laying the planks on top, this is going to be awesome and my moment of recycle, re-purpose, reuse.  I also reused the same screws from the fence.  I spent most of the day Saturday, sanding, cutting, painting and staining.  This afternoon Shane and I brought it in from the the garage and it looks so good.  The Black base matches our entertainment center and the cherry stain on top matches the frame on the wall and our little side table.  I also got a kiss from my hubby, I'm assuming that means great job honey!!  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I already have project number two in the works, I'll be posting about that soon. 

We also hung our favorite George Washington picture on the wall, now our living room is pretty much complete.  Funny thing is Shane paid $5.00 for that coffee table before we were married.  I have hated that thing ever since I met him, but how could I tell him, now it's like a whole new table.

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