Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

Don't you love it when your birthday falls on the weekand?  That's exactly what happened this year and I am enjoying every moment!! Today is my birthday and I am old, well let's say older.  Booooo hoooo :(   I must say I feel the same as I did yesterday, although I did discover my first gray hair a couple weeks ago.  It's been a good weekend.   My birthday started on Friday when Shane and I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here in Grants Pass, called "The Train Depot", and I had a nice, big fat slice of cheese cake.  Then my weekend got better as I did a few of my favorite things,

-Enjoyed the Sunshine
-Strolled through the home section at Fred Meyer
-Picked up a couple items for the yard at Home Depot
-Worked in the yard with my hubby
-Ate Papa John's pizza, "Spinish Alfraso"
-Sipped on my favorite drink, "Mug Rootbeer"
-Slepted in
-Watch my favorite DIY show, "Rehab Addict"
-Visted my favorite historic town, "Jacksonville"
-and now relaxing, doing nothing and about to watch my favorite Sunday night TV show, "The Walking Dead"

That about sums it all up and I can say I have had the best 38th birthday ever! 

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