Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas 2013 continued

Some random shots from Christmas... 

 Just before we left for Portland.  I wish we lived closer to family and could spend the holidays in our home.  I'm sad when we have to leave our tree unattended.  By the time we get back it's all dried out.

 Jack was so curious.  A couple years ago I made him a paw stocking that we call a "pawking".  My sister was teasing him Christmas Eve and he discovered his treats inside.  He is such a kid.  These pictures are really cute of him.

 Christmas morning...I just realized I look really bad, but I had to post it because Jack is smiling and it makes me happy.
 My family at my brother's home.

 Nephew's Cody and Cade

 My brother Ryan and his son Grady

My sweet neice Sydney

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