Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today is my Birthday!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me into the world and for raising me right. I'm 34 today haaa :(, but thats ok I have a wonderful life.


Danielle said...

You are not 34 silly girl! You don't look a day past 25, no lie. You look great! Not that people at 34 don't look great...I'm digging a whole here huh? But anyways, A Very Happy Birthday to one Very Young and Fun 34 Year Old!!!

Ster and Jen said...

man you are old! Just joking Amy that isn't old at all and it will happen to all of us. It is too bad Jennifer and I didn't get to know you and Shane better in the short time we knew you. It sounds like things are going well and that is all that matters. Happy Birthday from the Marx's.

Tanya Dow said...

Happy Birthday Cousin! We will always be young to me :) The pic of the beach trip that you posted, that is how we will always be in my mind. Love ya! hope you have a great birthday.