Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trees of Mystery

First of all I have to tell you about my sweet velcro shoes. Just as Shane and I were setting up camp I realized I forgot my shoes and only had flip flops for the hike the next day. In a panic at 7PM I jumped in the car and drove to Cresent City to get some shoes. And of course this is what I ended up with. Can't be picky when I am in the middle of the Redwoods. I was just happy to have shoes. Anyways The Bonella's took a weekend get away over Memorial weekend to Millcreek campground in the Redwood National Forest. Can I just say I love Trees!! They are so awesome and huge!! We spent the day at the Trees of Mystery and then a short drive through the "Drive Through Tree" (Rip off $5.00) But it was cool anyways to say we drove through a tree. It's been a long awaited trip to get back to the Redwoods. This was a Holwege favorite growing up and since Shane has never been it was nice to relax, hike, and visit with Paul and Babe. The hike was fun and interesting and then a scary tram ride up the mountain above the trees. If you are ever close don't miss out on the Trees of Mystery that was totally worth it.


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