Monday, June 6, 2011

Exciting News!!

Dear family & friends,

We are excited to announce some good news. We have recently been approved for adoption through LDS Family Services. We are delighted to know that our dreams of becoming parents and adding to our family will come true, hopefully soon. We ask that you help us with that dream by keeping us in your daily thoughts and prayers and assist us in finding a birth mother who is willing to consider us as adoptive parents. If you become aware of a birth mother who is looking to place her child in a loving home, we would love it if you would pass along our information to her.

Joe Daines from LDS Family Services can also provide her with additional information concerning our background. Birth parents can also view our online profile at by clicking on “Search Adoptive Profiles” and typing in “ShaneandAmy (no spaces between names) or just click on our photo to the right where is says view our profile.

We are grateful for your love and assistance in helping us build our family.


Amy & Shane

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Tanya Dow said...

That is great Amy! I hope things move along quickly for you!!