Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Comes To An End

We went camping with the Hirschi's over Labor Day weekend at Honeyman campground outside of Florance, Oregon. It was so beautiful, clear sky, nice weather, loved the town of Florance and I am officially calling this my new favorite place to vacation. The day we got to Florance Paige and Dave suggested a dune buggy ride, the fast buggy not the slow. Shane wasn't able to go because we had Jack. Oh, my!! What a ride!! It was a half hour of what felt like a crazy rollar coaster, but better! I can not explain it, you must go and see for yourself. Loved every moment of it and we are already planning on going back next year. Miles and Miles of dunes. Great fun!!

Ed Helping his dad build a fire.

Adele holding Jack.

This was on the Lake close to the campground, it was so beautiful. This is Paige and Dave and their kids on a paddle boat.
The Hirschi's

The Bonella's

Jack is swimming!

So am I!

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