Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to the 50's

 A couple Saturdays ago Shane and I went down town to Riverside park for back to the 50's.  Old cars come from all over for this spectacular event.  Sometimes I wish I was born in this era, seems like a lot of fun.  Cruisin around in these old cars, sharing a milk shake with your date, hang out at the local drive-in diner, just seems like it was more care free back then.  The car show also reminds me of my dad as he loved old cars and I know he would love to have gone to this show.  Speaking of my dad, Shane pointed out a John Holwege look-a-like.  It was kind of cool but weird at the same time.  His profile exactly like him, but from the front not as handsome as my dad.  And his build was different, but boy was his profile just like him.  I stood over to the side and snaped a picture of this guy pretending to get a picture of the car. 
John Holwege look-a-like is the one right above the black top, you can barely see his head a sholders. 


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