Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Backyard Make Over

We are in the middle of a backyard make over.  For the last month and a half we have been, moving rock, dirt, weeds, trees, rock, wood, rock, garbage oh, did I mention rock?  And building a fence.  Crazy people before us landscaped every little flower bed with gravel and river rock and since we are close to the river any time we dig a hole guess what we dig up, you guessed it, rock!  Slowly, but surely we are getting it done.  The fence is completed, thanks to Shanes dad and a friend of mine from work (Thanks Jason for showing us how to plumb, you saved us).  Feels good to have some privacy again.  Funny how many neighbors you meet when the fence is down.  Shane and I both swear will never build another fence, but now that were done I kind of miss it.  Hard work but totally worth it.  Here are a few pictures of our early spring adventure of the backyard make over. 

 Raised bed garden area.

Building our raised beds.  Sad but I don't think I will get my garden in this year.

 The fence is down.  You can't see it but our house is to the right.

 Were getting somewhere!

 Yep, thats an old post block we dug up and Shane has a silly smile.

Poor little guy was so good.

 The rails are up.

 Thats me.  Yes, in my Red Winterfest t-shirt again.

 Look what we did! And what a mess.

Another goofy smile from Shane.


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