Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Harold & Kathy

Shane's parents were in town last week for a visit.  We met up with them in Portland for Shanes sister's graduation.  Then Shanes parents drove back to Grants Pass with us and spent the week.  We were so delighted to have them here.  Shane's dad Harold helped us with a few home improvement projects, and his mom Kathy and I went shopping and also did a little bit of crafting.  They kept Jack entertained for us during the day while we were at work and Harold was our dish washing man.  On Friday we took a day and drove to the Redwoods and the California coast.  It was so nice having them here and I was sad to see them leave.  Will see them again in about a month when we take a trip to Utah.  Harold, our sink is full of dishes can you load the dishwasher for us?  Love you guys. 

 Lisa's graduation, Kathy, Lisa and Kaylee

In the Redwoods

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