Saturday, June 7, 2008

Logan Canyon

Shane and I went hiking today up Logan Canyon. We hiked a trail called Riverside. It's such a beautiful day out today, the sun is shineing, not to hot and a windy breeze of fresh air. We saw alot of snakes along the way and at one point ran into a rattler. It was funny how we were trying to be so sneaky running by this snake. I don't know anything about snakes specially rattlers. All I know is they have a rattler on there tails and can bite. It took us a few minutes to get the courage up and a head start to run past. When we were ready we quickly ran past it and the snake didn't move. We laugh now about how funny we probably looked. In one of the photo's you can see the wind cave across the river. Now were home, tired and Shane is sleeping.

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Tanya Dow said...

Looks like fun and it is so beautiful. I wish we would get a couple more nice days!