Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Friends Forever

Addi's blanket hat

Over the weekend Paige and Dave Hirschi and their two kids were in town visiting. We had so much fun playing games, talking, eating, visiting the scary town of Applegate I"M GLAD WE GOT OUT ALIVE! playing with the kids and feeding the ducks. Shane and I were so glad they came to visit and wished they could have stayed longer. Paige and I go way back to the days of our family hanging out together. Camping, Sunriver, Thanksgiving, New Years, Sunday desserts and Red Robbin Mondays. I'm so glad Paige and I have stayed close specially now that we are married and live far apart we always try to keep intouch somehow. Their kids are so cute and it was fun to entertain them and get to know them better. It was nice to wake up in the morning to a hellooo from Eddie and a cooking show from Addi May at Dinner time.

Paige, thank you for coming and I hope you guys injoyed your stay. It was fun to cath up and talk about the memories. Thanks for the laughs, the yummy food and thanks Dave for the game. I'm not a huge fan of games but I really enjoyed Elfenland. Lets get together again soon.

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Paiger said...

LOVED our visit you guys! We'll definitely do it again soon.