Friday, September 18, 2009

It's still me

The skinner Days

So I'm sure you all have noticed I have gained a lot of weight. I look at myself in the merrior and I see the same person, but wow when I see a picture of myself I can clearly see I have gain more weight then I thought. It's been a struggle for me. All my life I have been a bigger then average girl. I've had my moments when I have lost a few and felt great! It's been a hard road and a bigger struggle ever sence Shane and I have been trying to have a baby. Every medication and perscription adds a few pounds and it doesn't help that I turn into this beast when I'm on them and want to either punch anyone in sight or eat everything including kitchen table. Well, I've decided the meds haven't done the trick to make my body be normal and do what it needs to to have a baby. When Shanes parents were here a few weeks ago is when I really noticed I have added the pounds, so I have decided to eat better, exercise and just have a better, clearer mind about loosing weight the right way. This week was week one and I feel like I did a great job. It's the beginning of a diet I hate, it always takes a while to get into the groove, so that's way this time I am not going on a diet. I am just eating healthier and exercising and again haveing a clear mindset. I feel great and this is something I need to do for myself and I know if I were to loose the weight I will feel so much better about myself and will hopefully get my waist back. And this is something I need to do for my health as well, but don't expect to see me as a size 8 that will never happen, but a healthy 12 or 14 will make me more then happy.


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MotherBeck said...

good for you Amy! We are trying to eat healthier around here too...we could ALL stand to lose a few. Good luck!!!!