Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cycle Oregon

Shane and I went down to the Rouge tonight to catch up with my Uncle Paul. He is riding with Cycle Oregon this week and had a couple days stay in Grants Pass. It was exciting to meet up with him and get the low down and history of Cycle Oregon. Wish I was in shape to be able to do something like that, but I think I would kill over in the first hour. I huff and puff just riding down the street to the mailbox. KUDOS to my Uncle Paul for 4 years in a row. It was nice to see you. Enjoy the rest of the ride.


Tanya Dow said...

Garrett rode a couple of days of Cycle Oregon. He and a friend usually ride 3 days of it...his friend is the founder and owner of Gleukos so they take product down. Garrett loves it!

Shane & Amy said...

I was lokking for him the other night. I take it he wasn't in Grants Pass the night cycle oregon rode in.